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Finally, the OSD of your dreams has arrived. The new XtremeOSD uses high resolution color graphics, supports multiple video inputs, and puts the information on your screen in a way that is pleasing to view without being overwhelming. It’s OSD the way it is supposed to be. 

XtremeOSD has everything you want from an OSD. It supports multiple screen views to show a full color graphic heads-up-display of flight instruments, a less intrusive screen with critical information across the top of the screen and a screen with video only. XtremeOSD is compatible with DJI Naza, WKM, A2, 3DR APM, Pixhawk, MikroKopter, most MAVLink flight controllers as well as GPS only, Naze32 and Flip32 flight controllers are currently in beta release. Many others are coming soon.

XtremeOSD supports PWM control, Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum satellite connections as well as bi-directional Serial and CAN telemetry pass-thru which allows the XtremeOSD to utilize telemetry data between the flight controller and ground station as needed. It supports dual camera streams for main display and Picture-in-Picture in real time with user configurable options. 


  • The XtremeOSD is designed and made in the USA
  • Real-Time Color Graphics using hardware acceleration
  • Dual Real-Time camera streams, main and user swappable Picture-In-Picture
  • Up to 8 cameras can be connected and any 2 may be used live and switched by PWM
  • Supports CVBS, S-Video, component cameras
  • Two display ports, One for TX, one for onboard DVR for example
  • Supports CVBS and S-Video display out
  • Bi-directional serial pass-thru of telemetry data
  • CAN Bus support
  • PWM, Futaba S-Bus, Spektrum support
  • Easy Upgradability:  We continue to add new features and enhancements to the XtremeOSD
  • Convenient Remote Control board that provides Status indication, Reset and 5-Way switch
  • Artificial horizon indicator, ribbon gauges, alpha blended backgrounds, color coded status instruments with warnings
  • Remote camera operator monitoring
  • Flight waypoint monitoring on supported flight controllers
  • Real-time on-screen Virtual Position and Home Indicator
  • Single operator for both flight and camera operator w/Picture-in-Picture
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Battery and systems status monitoring
  • Weight:  30 grams
  • 3.0” L x 2.1” W x 5/16” H  (76.2mm x 53.1mm x 7.938mm)
  • Power Requirements: 6V to 30V, 29mA


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